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DISCLAIMER: Past approval of a case is not a guarantee or prediction regarding the outcome of future cases. Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. The information below is NOT to be considered legal advice.


Deportation Avoided

Description: A client had entered the United States in B status over two decades prior, but he could not recall the year he entered. He married, divorced, and then was remarried to a U.S. citizen. He held an approved immigrant petition but took no action to obtain his green card. He had been given an Order of Supervision and was required to report each year. He had been married more than 25 years, had two adult children, and was now retired. At this point, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) decided to deport the client back to his home country.


Action: We discussed the matter with the prosecutor. We worked with the prosecutor to reopen the deportation case and terminate the deportation. We filed an application for adjustment of status and attended the interview with the client.

Result: Within six months, the client received his green card. Thirty plus years of uncertainty and immigration challenges were resolved in about a year.

Timely Green Card Advice

Description: Our client was a managerial employee seeking to obtain a green card under the First Employment-Based Category (EB-1). However, an immigration attorney representing the company at which he worked stated our client did not qualify under the EB-1 category. The attorney recommended EB-2 or EB-3 to the company, which would have added six to seven years to the process.

Action: We provided a legal memorandum in the native language of the employer explaining our position on the EB-1 category.

Result: The employer followed our advice. The client was able to obtain his green card under the EB-1 category as we had recommended.

H1-B Approvals Saved

Description: A corporate client had attempted to file H-1B cases on its own, but received requests for evidence (RFE) on a majority of the cases.


Action: Although the client did not have the needed paperwork to provide, we discovered through in-depth and comprehensive discussions with the client that the client did have an in-house project that met the requirements.

Result: We were able to present and effectively explain the project to the USCIS and secure approvals for all the H-1B candidates.


Green Card Case with Additional Circumstances

Description: A client employed at a large multinational corporation seeking to obtain a green card under the First Employment-Based Category (EB-1). Prior to filing, we were aware that the spouse of the client had some criminal activity in the past, which we duly reported. Prior to the issuance of the green cards, an interview was set at a local USCIS district office. Unfortunately, the USCIS officer was not familiar with EB-1 cases of this sort and did not have a copy of the immigrant petition (I-140). The USCIS Service Center had sent the district office only the applications for adjustment of status – not the immigrant petition (I-140). The USCIS officer was prepared to adjourn the interview and request a copy of the immigrant petition from the USCIS Service Center, which would have potentially delayed the case up to a year or more.


Action: We were prepared for such a situation. We had a copy of the entire case, which permitted the officer to adjudicate the case.

Result: The case was approved. The officer stated that she had just denied three prior cases that day because they were not prepared and not organized. She complimented us on our thoroughness and organization.

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