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E-2 Visa and E-1 Visa

The E-2 Visa and E-1 Visa were created to welcome individuals who perform a great deal of trade or investment in the United States. This shows the US government that you create value for the American economy through jobs creation and business growth.  E-1 Visas are also known as Nonimmigrant Treaty Traders and E-2 Visas are referred to as Nonimmigrant Treaty Investors. Think that an E-1 Visa or E-2 Visa might be a good fit for you?  Keep reading to find out…

E-2 Visa 

The E-2 Visa is a great fit for someone who has made a significant investment in a US business and is at least a 50% owner in that business. Similar to an E-1 Visa, the investment must be enough to require and support jobs for a number of people in the United States.  It must be in an active US business.

E-1 Visa 

The E-1 Visa works well for businesses and individuals that conduct substantial international trade between the US and the foreign national’s home country. That home country must be one that has signed treaties of 'Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation' to encourage trade with the US.  The amount of trade must be enough to require and support employment for a number of people in the United States and must constitute the majority of the company’s international trade.

E-2 Visa and E-1 Visa Differences

There are many subtle but impactful differences that necessitate the help of a competent immigration attorney.  To highlight a couple of them, you may find it helpful to know that more countries are eligible for E-2 Visas than there are for E-1 Visas.  Also, E-2 applicants are expected to create enough profit to cover the cost of the hired employee and family’s living expenses, while E1 visas do not require this.

E-2 Visa and E-1 Visa Similarities

No specific amount of funds are listed as a minimum investment for either, but for both, the funds must be committed (at risk of loss if the investment fails) and substantial.  The more funds and potential for US jobs creation you offer, the more likely you have an eligible E-1 Visa or E-2 Visa application.


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