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Immigration Lawyer In Chicago

The United States immigration law establishes who is and is not allowed to enter the country. It also determines how long someone can be in the country and whether or not they are allowed to work or go to school during their stay. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is an agency that oversees the nation’s naturalization and immigration process. It is one of the three components of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Fiance Visa

It is important to decide whether or not the immigrating partner will want to enter the country with a spousal visa, or a fiance visa. For some couples, it makes more sense to get ahead and get married to then apply for a spousal visa. However, it’s really a personal choice between you and your partner, and you may have big plans that are too difficult to move. In that case, this is an alternative route to the spousal visa. 


A fiance visa, or K-1 visa, can be issued to the engaged partner of a U.S. citizen. The important thing to remember here is that you have 90 days to get married once you arrive in the United States. Upon arriving here, the spouse who is immigrating will be able to apply for a green card. 

E Visas

You may qualify to apply for an E visa if you are a treaty trader or an investor if you will be traveling to the United States under a treaty of commerce and navigation between your home country and the U.S. 


A U.S. consulate or embassy overseas must have issued your E-1, E-2, or E-3 visa before you arrive in the country. However, the U.S. company you are working with can request a change of status once you have arrived. The application will be processed by USCIS to see if a change of status or an extension of stay will be granted. 

Family Immigration Law

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) caps how many families are allowed to move to the United States per year. The person who wants to sponsor the family is the petitioner, and they must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. In order to immigrate, the beneficiary must be an immediate family member or fall within a family preference category. These categories include:


  • Family First Preference (F1): The unmarried daughters and sons of U.S. citizens, as well as their minor children if they have any. This is capped at 23,400 per year.

  • Family Second Preference (F2): This includes the spouse and children (under age 21) of the sponsor. Note that married children and their children receive preference in this category over unmarried sons and daughters. This is limited to 114,200 per year.

  • Family Third Preference (F3): This includes the married adult children of the sponsor, as well as their spouses and children who are minors. This is capped at 23,400 families per year.

  • Family Fourth Preference (F4): The siblings of U.S. citizens, and their spouses and their minor children may apply in this category as long as the sponsor is at least 21 years of age. This is limited to 65,000 families per year.


How Long Does It Take To Get a Green Card?

In general, processing an employment-based green card takes about one year for visas that are low in demand. They can take up to six years for visas that are higher in demand or have limits. For family visas, the wait can take anywhere from 12 months to a whole decade to have a visa approved. A lot of the delays are often linked to not filling out the proper paperwork, or submitting incomplete applications. This is why it is integral to speak to an attorney immediately upon deciding to visit the United States. 


Practicing Immigration Law Right Here In Chicago

Immigration law is federal, since it has to apply to ports of entry all over its borders, and thus you can hire an attorney in the United States. However, you will want to consider hiring one in your local area because there may be state and local immigration laws that apply to you. That is why if you want to visit or move to Chicago, then you should hire an attorney right here.  


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